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Use & Importance of Drumming in Corporate Team Building

Music sets us free, and rhythm is the one language we all have in common. Why not apply it to the work sphere of our lives and witness for ourselves the effects it can create? It’s easy to fall into habitual and familiar routines and ways of doing things, but we invite you to step into innovation and try a fresh approach. Liveliness is bound to arise, and with it comes all the positive qualities we seek to build in ourselves, our communities and everything with which we engage throughout our lives. Let’s bring the colour back into the “corporate work sphere” with corporate team building drumming workshops!

Benefits of Drumming

1. Tap into Presence

When you’re part of a lively jam session, like at our corporate team building drumming sessions, you’ll find that you naturally slip into a deep state of presence. There’s no room for the mind’s worried thoughts or forward thinking to arise when you’re playing music. There’s only time to keep time with the beat. You’re your body awaken while the rhythm moves you and your team to no destination other than here and now, where all creative potential is sourced. This presence is the gateway to all other drumming team building benefits.

2. Allow for Creativity to Emerge

One reason corporate team building activities are emphasized by successful companies is because they create an environment conducive for creativity. This creativity translates into successful work and makes the workplace an enjoyable and nourishing place to be. A corporate drumming workshop is the perfect workplace team building activity to inspire a creative atmosphere and a safe environment for raw exploration.

3. Bond Deeply with Others

When we allow ourselves to be present, our creativity will naturally begin to bubble to the surface. Sometimes, though, people are shy to share their innovative ideas when they don’t feel connected with others around them. Team building activities at the workplace give everyone an opportunity to connect and bond. Once these social links are established, people begin to relax.

Members of the same team grow closer together, while group drumming even brings down communication barriers between different departments. The gaps of hierarchical work structures are lessened as maintenance crew, management, and even CEO’s are brought to the same honest level through drumming. This develops trust amongst the entire corporate team, which leads to harmonious teamwork and unity.

4 Develop Inclusivity and Involvement.

With the three ingredients of presence, creativity, and social connectivity established, another drumming team building benefit begins to reveal itself: inclusivity and involvement. Drums are the most accessible instruments, helping everyone – whether they already play an instrument or not – to feel that a drumming workshop is accessible to them. Everyone has a drum to play, and everyone has a voice to contribute.

As your team begins to relax and experiences the rush and excitement of participating in a team building drumming workshop, the memories they create become instilled and transfer over into their daily lives. They’ll often feel more invested in their work, more fulfilled, and more confident to share their ideas while supporting others to do the same.

Corporate Team Building Activities

The benefits of a drumming workshop are immense and far reaching, that much is clear. Coworkers connect deeply and an ecstatic energy bounces in the air. It’s impossible to miss! Our team building drumming workshops can look any number of ways:

  • Indoor or outdoor events (location depending)
  • Drumming activities within a specific department
  • Drumming team building across several different departments
  • Large or small groups

We’re all about innovation, though, and we recognize that team building doesn’t always have to happen so directly. While team building is a primary reason for our corporate drumming workshops, there are actually a myriad of ways to apply this method to enhance group unity while also serving another purpose:

  • Conference energy boost – feel the buzz with an exciting drumming exercise to get the team pumped for the rest of the day!
  • Award night kick off – Nothing says celebration like a bit of music! Kick off your night of recognition with an energetic session of drumming!
  • Road show or product launch – Why not extend the fun into your audience and community? Create an epic scene around your service or product and people won’t forget it!
  • Company Christmas party entertainment – Fun for the sake of fun. Spoil the whole team with a Christmas party that gets them laughing and moving!

Team building activities are important factors of success in the workplace, but we have to keep things fresh and lively to promote any real benefits. This is where we come in as facilitators of corporate team building drumming. We rally your team together for a memorable event of group drumming, aimed to inspire, connect, and recharge your team with a bit of fun.

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