Building Spirit with Heart Beats

Drum Beats can visit you in Brisbane, throughout Queensland, the Sunshine Coast or the Gold Coast at your convenience for school drumming workshops. So if your school is looking for a way to build school and team spirit and encourage community awareness while still having a great time, Drum Beats’ tailored programs can make a difference in your school.

Primary or High Schools
Whether you are looking for Primary or High School incursion we have energetic shows that will have your students drumming to the beat in an active participation show instead of sitting on their hands. It’s time to get active, have fun and learn to work together.

High Energy Attention Grabbing Shows
With research that shows attention spans in children are only as long as their age, boring conventional shows will just not hold their attention long enough to learn. That’s why a show like Drum Beats provides an optimal learning environment where children of any age can get and stay involved! Drum Beats also provides music incursions for kindergarten drumming shows or preschool drumming shows.

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How, When, What, Where

Simply get in contact with Drum Beats to set up your drumming extravaganza to have your student’s foot tapping to beat, getting a musical education and building team spirit and confidence at the same time.

Drum Beats is available anytime your school is open, and even for events outside of school hours for special events.

Of course our two amazing shows are not the only idea for an event with our high energy, active learning shows. You could also have us out for smaller events and audiences to help build teamwork within school sports teams and teachers. Or you could highlight music and culture with one of our other shows that highlight African and worldwide drumming. Or simply have Drum Beats kick off an event you want your parents, teachers or students to get excited about.

If you are located anywhere in Queensland, Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast or the Gold Coast we can easily come to you for amazing school drumming workshops!

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With two show spectaculars that cater to Primary and High schools, Drum Beats is a show that will have your students, teachers and even parents talking about it for weeks.

Primary Percussion Primer (140-200 audience)

Have you noticed that assemblies with children are notoriously hard to hold their attention and the message is lost as a result? With Drum Beats’ “Multicultural Every Child plays a Drum Show” you will not have the same issue. Children and teachers alike from all over Australia have raved about the uniqueness of the show, giving them a chance to experience singing, drumming and languages from around the world.

Inspiring rhythms from nature and their own bodies make this show a foot stomping educational good time.

Secondary to None Show (140-200 audience)

“The Spectacular” is a high energy, ultra engaging African drumming workshop that leaves High school students no other choice but to pick up their drum and bang along. With the sound of the large drums, students are generally amazed at the amazing rhythms that can be delivered by our expert musicians. We then turn the tables and encourage the students to do the same.

With music a higher than average proportion of high school student’s leisure activities, this African drumming show ensures their participation.


  • Thank you! The guys ran very professional sessions today. We were so happy with the overall day. Once again thank you for the experience. Staff and students haven’t stopped raving about it

    Nicole Readman, A/Deputy Principal North Lakes State College, Brisbane
  • We just want to say thank you so very much for what Nik did for us while here. He was great, and we have had so many amazing reviews from kids and staff.
    It was a huge task for him and we appreciate the passion and effort he threw into his work with us. We can really see he has helped so much to strengthen and broaden the platform from which we can now take on the whole school in depth. We are very very pleased and excited!

    Brydie Brookes Urangan Point State School
  • Firstly, it was an absolute pleasure to meet you on Friday! We have received a lot of positive feedback regarding the activities and also you personally which is always great to hear. Your unparalleled enthusiasm and commitment to the kids’ enjoyment definitely did not go unnoticed and we greatly appreciate your efforts.
    Once again, thank you for your involvement and I look forward to working with you in the future.

    Moreton Bay Regional Council Childrens Programs
  • Just a quick email to say thank you for the great day we had with Nik yesterday. He was more than flexible in what we wanted to do on the day and the kids had a lot of fun. The day went really well with the Principal and teachers joining in and loving the experience. My kids are not beginners and Nik worked well to extend them. I have more than enough patterns and ideas to go on and teach the kids now.

    Cherie Emerson Maroochydore State School