25 Sep

Nothing Snail about this Mail

Mailplus a company synonymous with providing a unique service with quality delivery above and beyond traditional carriers contacted Drum Beat about getting a unique event.

Like two peas in a pod, Drum Beats and Mailplus showed each other a thing or two about how not to do boring traditional corporate team building events. By providing a unique entertainment option combined with a high energy team building focus; Drum Beats delivered the right package, plus!


If you are not aware of this company, you should be. By providing a mail order and delivery service for small and medium businesses in Australia, Mailplus provides a whole suite of products. From convenient mail pickup and delivery around Australia to national and international express to providing packaging and shipping options for those difficult to wrap parcels, Mailplus provides high quality personal service. With the added bonus of providing delivery on general office supplies and items for a company’s kitchen and bathroom needs, their unique time saving ideas make your business easier.

For their event they wanted a corporate shake up event to provide an interesting experience for their varied age group from older adults to a younger crowd. Finding the right event mix with such age gaps they confirmed had been a challenge.



African Drummer Heroes

Of course, this was their first event with Drum Beats, and was not aware of our African drumming corporate team building hero abilities. Being able to take a challenge head on, our drumming creative team customize their events for your audience. Having a specific request like providing high energy shake ups for conferences or blended events to encourage full participation is easy for Drum Beats.

Mailplus wanted an event that would bring people out of their shells, but not bring them to the brink of their comfort zones. With a varied age group such as theirs, it was going to be a challenge for our creative director.

Of course, like every hero story, this one has a magical and happy ending. With Mailplus providing the following feedback:
Wow, thank you so much Drum Beats, your performance was AMAZING! It was great to see everyone getting involved and coming out of their shells… You definitely made the night what it was, thank you! Ashley Crooks.
When you want a corporate team building event to meet your audience’s needs whether that means more entertainment, high energy ice breakers or team building sessions in Brisbane; the heroes of Drum Beats are up to the challenge.


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