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Drumming Entertainment Ideas For Your Corporate, Wedding and Party Event in 2017!

With 2017 on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to prepare for a year with social events that take on epic proportions. Keywords for events of this scale often entail a list like successful, memorable, inclusive, and fun. Group drumming entertainment is one sure way to meet all of this criteria!

During each of  our lives, we’ve all been in the position where we’ve tried to come up with unique event ideas that will have guests smiling for a long time to come. There’s this cultural influence for hosts to play out the same old event formats that have become so common in our lives, making every social event something that’s familiar, previously experienced, and predictable. After a while, these become code words for events that are boring and uninspiring, which doesn’t light that spark of excitement we all want our party guests to feel.

If you want to have someone looking forward to your event, the secret is to introduce them to an experience that is at once new, accessible, and undemanding. The search for unique and fun party ideas begins, and we’re happy to share that we’ve discovered group drumming entertainment to be an idea that makes any event a major success!

Group drumming entertainment is a great fit for a variety of gatherings, including corporate events, weddings, and parties for all ages. We supply a collection of drums for everyone to use, introduce how to play the drum, and guide everyone through an interactive and highly rejuvenating journey through rhythm! All you have to do is enjoy the show. These jams are unifying, memorable, and are known to supercharge the atmosphere with an excitement that’s perfect to get any event rolling on a high note! This energy is easy to apply to all following activities, including recreational activities like dancing as well as professional ones like innovative group brainstorming. Get together with others and form deeper connections, bond over a common goal or community achievement, and let yourselves have FUN!

Below, we share with you the awesome reasons why group drumming entertainment is the perfect fit for three type of events: corporate events, weddings, and parties (for adults and birthday parties for kids). 

Group Drumming Makes Corporate Entertainment Ideas Come Easy! 

Corporate Entertainment Ideas in 2017

If you’re looking for corporate entertainment ideas, for small scale events or even high end corporate events, consider for a moment what will make for a truly successful experience for the entire team. There’s a reason behind the setting up  most corporate events, and very often there’s a goal to be achieved to benefit the individual members of the team as well as work performance. The best corporate entertainment ideas are those that drive home the results you’re looking for while also being a truly fun and memorable experience for the staff.

Corporate drumming events are one of the emerging top choices to meet these aims.

Do you want your team to connect with one another with greater ease and kindness? Then provide them with a common language where nothing gets lost in translation and there’s only room for honesty and optimism. Group drumming is a bridge across miscommunication problems that doesn’t miss a beat on fun and playfulness. Group solidarity can come through fun, rather than through tense situations of confrontation. We believe that play is a form of medicine!

Do you want to inspire your team to be more innovative? Bring them to an entertaining corporate drumming event. You must display innovation if you wish to cultivate this quality in your own team! Put aside the predicable, low energy, and even boring routines that have people dragging their heals to an event out of professional obligation. Instead, get everyone feeling motivated by their own intrigue. This intrigue might look like an interest in exploring a drum for the first time or maybe it’s to see their managers let loose and get on the same level with everyone else!

How about riling up your team and getting them pumped up for a major company release or announcement? If you want big energy from your team, you have to put some in yourself, too. It’s like hitting a drum: the energy it requires to play a drum is minuscule compared to the big sound that emerges! And those sound vibrations are tangible in the body and world famous for getting people amped up for the entire day, ready to feed that excited energy directly into the task at hand.

The point is, you get in what you put out, and this is true for every entertainment idea for corporate events. If you’re looking to help improve team communication, then invest in the universal language of music. If you’re looking to inspire innovation, then host an innovative corporate event. If you’re looking to get your team pumped up, then give them a drum to play. No matter what you’re aim, upgrading a standard group activity day into real entertainment is what makes for the best corporate events. 

Plan an Australian Wedding With an Entertaining Session of Group Drumming! 

Drumming Entertainment For Your 2017 Wedding  Event

Weddings are often framed as “the best day of our lives”, and with this notion comes the enormous pressure to plan a day with the best wedding entertainment ideas. Yet all too often a marriage ceremony fails to become anything truly memorable. This is  because every wedding looks much like that last: ceremony, dinner, and a dance. Spicing up the ceremony with fresh wedding day entertainment ideas is a sure way to have your ceremony stand out in 2017.

Naturally, the bride(s) and/or groom(s) will never forget the day of their weddings, but what about the guests? After all, a wedding is a declaration of love and commitment before one’s community, making the guests an integral part of the entire event. This means that wedding entertainment ideas for guests will dramatically help to create an impactful ceremony for everyone present, rather than just the dyad joining in unity. To help you avoid a wedding hollowed out by predictability, we’re excited to share the power of group drumming events as a creative wedding entertainment idea. We brings drums for everyone and guide an improvisational jam that has everybody letting go of inhibitions and letting their authentic colors shine.

A wedding is a catalyst for a new narrative to begin. It’s the day whereby the story of self-centred focus becomes one of true teamwork in every sphere of life. Access this narrative with group drumming and experience how this unique wedding day event can bring out the true value of your ceremony.

The beat of a drum is like a heart beat. As the bride(s) and/or groom(s) play their drums together and build on the same beat, it symbolizes the joining of two hearts into one. As the joining families play together, it shows the willingness for them to come together in unity. As the drumming then extends to the wedding guests, the entire community is playing their role in supporting the strength and health of the rhythmic beat, just as a community supports the health of a lovership between two married people. Through drumming, the entire story unfolds like a theatrical display!

Group drumming is an effective Australian wedding entertainment idea. It creates a ceremony that nobody expects, yet one that encourages participation from everyone. You might even use the drumming to fuel the dance floor! Seriousness falls away and your wedding celebration becomes the joyful, exciting, and high energy event it ought to be!

Drumming is a Fun Party Event Idea! 

Drumming is a Fun Party Event Idea!

For everyone looking for party entertainment ideas for adults, or perhaps even birthday party entertainment ideas for children and youth, group drumming events are one sure way to spark a high energy vibe.

Sometimes it can be tough to break the ice. Group drumming events are the perfect way to help party guests shake off their day, start connecting with one another, and enter into that playful state that makes for an exciting party!

Never underestimate the power of drumming. The accessibility of this ancient instrument means that everyone can participate even if they haven’t played a drum before in their lives. Everyone plays around the same, unifying beat, and you’ll experience connection happen naturally between everyone who is playing as well as dancing.

If you’re looking for birthday party entertainment ideas specifically, then we invite you to step away from the more common place themes and give group party drumming idea a try. It’s common for children to be unaware of the creative options available to them, leaving it to the parents to brainstorm the possibilities that will help make their annual celebration of life one that their kids truly appreciate. It can feel easy to stick to the same activities as their party last year, because it feels safe and familiar, or because  it’s a trending party theme in the neighbourhood. However, we all know that ordinariness isn’t what stands out. What stands out is new experiences that bring out the life of everyone involved! Children learn to play together and the drumming jam always holds space for every child’s voice to be heard as they drum. The laughter is loud and the smiles are wide at a group drumming event!

Don’t stress about finding the best entertainment ideas for your corporate event, wedding, or party. Something that’s intended to be a fun time doesn’t need to be a burden for the host, so why let it? We’re happy to help arrange and guide  a fun drumming component to your event that’s fun and accessible to all ages and personality types.

If you are looking for drummers for your next event in Australia you can contact us at: 0481 060 438 or alternately you can reach us via our contact form.

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