04 May

Customized Team Building Case Study

Are you looking for a corporate team building event that can truly be unique to your event?

Drum Beats has a history of successful musical spectacular’s that provide award-winning entertainment to crowds all over Australia. By combining the power of music, rhythm, dance and even song with our expert team’s ability to break down social and corporate barriers you can have an event tailored to your needs.

The Client

As an example of what is possible with the Drum Beats team of extraordinary performers, The Lion Company’s rebranding kick off conference wanted something that was exciting and provided a message of alignment for better achievement.

The Lion Company is an amalgamation of Lion Nathan and National Foods, but was in the process of a rebranding to kick off their new brand. This re-branding was complete, from corporate name and logos to product marketing. With such a large company across multiple product lines and divisions, bringing unity of purpose to their new direction was paramount.

The Stage

The Lion Company asked Drum Beats to provide a different team building event that not only would bring their diverse staff from Australia and New Zealand together, but show their executives and managers how that diversity can make them stronger in their mission.

The two-day conference was held at the Port Douglas Mirage the Flames of the Forest Restaurant with over 350 participants. The task of the Drum Beats creative team was to provide a kick off to the conference at 8:30am on the opening morning to set the stage of change in the company not as a hurdle to overcome, but a bright new beginning. Drum Beats would also provide a celebratory show spectacular for the Gala Dinner to end the corporate team building conference.



The Results

Our creative team opened the conference with a light corporate drumming exercise to ensure the participants were alive and well and ready to participate. Angela the Drum Beats team lead developed a custom show for the Lion Company that used their own packaging to perform complicated rhythms across different cross-sections of the audience. From wrappers, beer cans and milk cartons the group rose to the challenge to produce sounds that could be interwoven at Angela’s direction into a musical packaging symphony. Ending with Drum Beat’s Gaia Rhythm Show spectacular was a highlight for many participants we were told.

Through a sense of unity, not only to each other, but to the new brands they were rolling out, the Lion Company’s team connected with each other and their new brand.

If you are looking for a custom team building event in Port Douglas, Queensland look no further than the professional corporate drummers of Drum Beats.


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