Drumming Events Brisbane

Our passion is to bring people together via interactive drumming events.

Regardless of age or culture we all respond to music & share a heartbeat, making music together is one of the most unifying activities through human history. We specialise in corporate drumming events that are ideal for conferences and team building, educational children’s drumming workshops especially developed for Primary & High Schools. We have engaging performances for Child Care Centres, Kindergartens, Vacation Care Centres & OOSH Centres. For Weddings  and Private Events our performances bring tremendous energy & excitement that lives on the the participants minds well after the day has passed!

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Our Specialties

A single drumming event has far reaching effects that benefit every participant from your team, school, kindergarten or event. Our events live on in participants minds & help to develop trust amongst peers.

  • Transforming Groups into Teams
  • Creating Energy
  • Rhythm & Excitement
  • Hands on Education

We love

Yes we really do!

Rhythm is the one language we all have in common
To make a positive contribution to other people’s lives through sharing our love of music is a privilege and something we don’t forget. We passionately provide –

  • School Drumming Incursions
  • Corporate Drumming Events
  • Performances for Child Care Centres
  • Interactive Shows for Weddings


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Louise Cottrell, Area Sales Manager
Thank you so much on behalf of all MARS PETCARE, everyone has been raving about the performance!!! It was exactly what we wanted, thank you for making it such a great experience.
Nicole Readman, A/Deputy Principal
Thank you! The guys ran very professional sessions today. We were so happy with the overall day. Once again thank you for the experience. Staff and students haven’t stopped raving about it
Ashley Crooks
Wow, thank you so much Drum Beats, your performance was AMAZING! It was so great to see everyone getting involved and coming out of their shells to join in the fun, even the older people!! You definitely made the night what it was, thank you!

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